My KISS Record: Excited to the UH! Degree - by Mike Lovins

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KISS - Excited to the UH! Degree - Mike Lovins

Side One

1.       Exciter – The first song from the first non-make up album. I had to have this and it had to be first.

2.       Murder in High-Heels – It’s so campy, I could almost hear David Lee Roth sing this song.

3.       Tough Love – Heavy with a great intro riff.

4.       Any Way You Slice It – Has a very un-KISS like electric drum breakdown. But I kind of like it.

5.       Burn Bitch Burn – An unapologetic string of misogynistic sexual innuendos.  Ah, Gene. We love ya!

6.       Little Caesar – More an Eric Carr solo song than a Kiss song. Eric plays drums and bass and sings lead vocals. Bruce plays all of the guitars. Gene and Paul only contributed backing vocals. It’s not a great song, but I was glad to see Eric finally get his time to shine.

Side Two

1.       No No No – A great show piece for Bruce and the only song on Crazy Nights that both Bruce and Eric have a writing credit.

2.       Uh! All Night – Possibly my favorite KISS video. Like the song, it’s so cheesy in all the right ways.

3.       Dance All Over Your Face – I just love the visual image this song creates.

4.       Paralyzed – The lyrics to this song are pretty heavy. It gives a feeling of Gene being in a down place. I’m willing to bet it’s just words. “And who says life is good? Love thyself, well I never could.” Gene is the KING of self-love.

5.       My Way – The title of this song is also the title of my most favorite song of any genre, ever. I don’t think KISS’s “My Way” had the same impact on the world that Sinatra’s did. But it did have the potential to be a great rock anthem.