The Dark Side of Born In the USA as Told in Haiku - by Colin Gawel

Like most folks I know, there are many things I love about the USA and some things I do not love. With the 4th of July approaching, I listened to the album Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen top to bottom. And then this happened. (Ok, I cheated with 5-7-5 words. Sue me already)

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The Dark Side of Born in the USA as Told in Haiku


Born in the USA

You will take this gun

To go and kill the yellow man

I’m Born in the USA


Cover Me:

Times are tough getting tougher

The whole world is rough just getting rougher

Looking for lover cover me


Darlington County

Big city guys came to party

With the small town girls in Darlington

Wayne handcuffed was somebody raped?


Working on the Highway

I’m working on the highway

Cracking rocks on a prison chain gang

Young girl definitely was raped


Downbound Train

You were waiting for me

You said your love had never died

I hear that long whistle whine


I’m on Fire

Someone took knife edgy dull

And cut a valley through my soul

Wake up sheets soaking wet


No Surrender

We are never gonna win

Be a kamikaze die like a man

No retreat baby no surrender


Bobby Jean

I came by your house

Your mother said that you went away

Wish you had told me


I’m Going Down

I’m going down down down

Down down down down down down down

Down down down down down


Glory Days

Drinking hard at a bar

Time slips away and leaves you nothing

Except boring stories glory days


Dancing in the Dark

You sit around getting older

There is a joke it’s on me

Man I’m not getting nowhere


My Hometown

Main street white washed windows

Laid in bed thought of getting out

Getting out of my hometown

Colin Gawel plays solo and in the band Watershed. He works on Pencilstorm at Colin’s Coffee. For more info google some of the following words: Colin Gawel Bruce Springsteen Cheap Trick Pencilstorm