The League Bowlers on CD102.5 and Now Available Everywhere

If you have been tuning in or streaming CD1025 lately, you might have noticed a little tune by The League Bowlers slipping into the rotation. That's right, the song "She's My Inspiration" is on the charts with a bullet. You can help by texting: Request League Bowlers to 68683; or tweet @cd1025fm; or go old-school and call 614-221-1025. Our pal Maggie at WCBE has been mixing in some tracks too, so check that out. 

Along those lines, another way you can help is listening to the League Bowlers on Spotify, Youtube, I-Tunes  or wherever you get your music. Put us on your playlist. Share it with a friend. Post on facebook. Request us on Outlaw Country and Underground Garage. Every little bit helps. Thanking you in advance - Colin