Big $'s Thoughts on Kareem Hunt Signing and NFL Policy

(Big $ is a member of The North Coast Posse, who cover the Cleveland Browns beat for Pencil Storm.)

The last thing the world needs right now is another blowhard dissertation on the Cleveland Browns’ signing of Kareem Hunt. However I've got a computer, some time and a platform, so the world is out of luck.

So without climbing to a moral high ground or retreating behind an orange & brown wall of Homer-ism, here are some thoughts:

1.) This was inevitable and we should have all been prepared for the signing. Literally, this was easier to prognosticate than LeBron's move to Los Angeles. Browns General Manager John Dorsey is the guy who gave Hunt his shot in the NFL and has the base relationship that would allow for taking the risk. Dorsey has also set a precedent for working with players with issues of this nature. Do some research on Tyreek Hill and you'll see Mr. Dorsey has been around this block before. Lastly, Kareem is a Cleveland guy, so it was natural that the Browns would be a potential destination. All in all, once K.C cut him, Kareem in Cleveland was not an "if" scenario but a "when."

2. Referring to the third point above, being back in his hometown may not serve as a benefit. As more information comes out, it becomes evident that Kareem Hunt has - at the very least - lifestyle issues. One can surmise that some things probably followed him around Willoughby, which led to a high school player of his caliber settling on a MAC school. (I promise you, no one wants to play on Tuesdays if they don't have to.) Changing people, places and things are essential to kicking any habit: addiction, anger issue, etc. Surrounding himself with the same crowd - which couldn't keep their professional athlete buddy from flushing his future down the toilet at the hotel - could hinder any real change.

3. Lastly, the NFL is actually getting worse at addressing the epidemic of its players committing violence against women. The league is absolutely paralyzed by Commissioner Roger Goodell's control issues and has decided no real plan is an adequate response. Well NFL, it’s your lucky day. I like gambling on your product so much that I will offer you this plan to help save the day. (author's note: I’d also prefer that women quit getting physically and mentally terrorized as well.)

Big $’s Plan

Step 1:  Upon determination that a player has been involved in a physical altercation with a woman they are immediately entered into an intensive six- week cognitive behavioral therapy program to address anger issues, decision making, alcohol & drug concerns and any other issues contributing to the delinquent behavior. This program will be administered and monitored by an independent agency, who will determine person-centered plans of action for each offender. During this six weeks the player cannot participate in any NFL or team activities. The player's progress and commitment will be watched closely by the agency delivering the services. If they feel adequate progress is being made, the player can graduate to step two.…..

Step 2: At this time, the player can resume team activities/ practices etc,. However, they cannot play in games for four more weeks. While re-engaging into the team culture the player will continue to participate in daily activities led and monitored by the independent agency. If satisfactory progress is made, the player can return to games after the 10 week process.

Step 3: While the player returns for weeks 11-17 of the season, he will continue weekly meetings with the agency to ensure they are ready for full release. The agency can grant full release as they see fit.

This process is fully independent of criminal punishment and cannot be negotiated. It is fully expected that some players will not be able to fulfill the commitment,and the independent agency can suspend players from the program at their discretion. Said players would then have to re apply again after a year's time.

Obviously this is a rough skeleton, but if you're reading this Roger, I can very easily fill in all necessary details.

Well, that's enough on that, back to scouring mock drafts...…..