Colin's Coffee Named Upper Arlington Business of The Year

The City of Upper Arlington named Colin’s Coffee their 2018 Business of the Year. The award is presented to a business and business owner that is actively involved in the community through support and participation in community service projects, providing financial or in-kind support for various causes or events, or bringing other benefits to the community. Pencilstorm’s Editor-in-Chief, Colin Gawel, was this year’s recipient.

(writer’s note…..Colin is a humble guy and really shy’s away from talking about himself like this so we’re sharing what was said about him during the city’s presentation.)

Spoken by Councilwoman Carolyn Casper during the ceremony:

“Colin serves more than coffee. He serves others. It’s often said that Colin’s Coffee is like the TV bar ‘Cheers’ without the beer. Few know, though, what happens behind the scenes and how big Colin’s heart is. Both the Heart to Heart Food Pantry of First Community Church and Sam’s Fans get his unquestionable support. Each year he has a food drive in support of Heart to Heart. Similarly, he hosts an annual kickoff event for Sam’s Fans, where they raise money and get people to sign up for their charity events. He frequently opens his coffee shop for organizations as fundraisers and to the community for important gatherings. There have been book signings for local authors, meetings for supporting school levies, meet and greets for local political candidates, Moms Groups, medical support groups, and a multitude of others. In the spring, girl scouts sell cookies in front of his shop and every fall, boy scouts sell popcorn. Each Christmas he turns his coffee shop over to another family. Every cent they make that day goes straight to a local family who needs help over the holidays. Colin show up at the end of the day to clean up and mop the floors.”

Here’s the most amazing thing: after the ceremony, many people surrounded Colin to congratulate him and tell him what a great job he did. Colin, the humble person that he is, kept on saying that it was his customers that make the coffee shop special. As a frequent customer, I can tell you the reason we all go there is because of him. He’s humble. A relentless giver. A silent saint.

And you know what he did after the ceremony was over? He went back to the coffee shop to mop the floors.

Congrats Colin. Well deserved.”