A Baseball Song For Your Father's Day - by Colin Gawel

Dad Can’t Help You Now - by Colin Gawel

If you have worn out your copy of Cats in the Cradle by Father's Day, please give this song two minutes and thirty-four seconds of your time. Dad Can't Help You Now tells the story of a nervous father watching his young son attempt to pitch out of a bases-loaded jam in "the last game of the season." It resonates with any parent who has struggled with their emotions while watching their kids play youth sports. It is a song for Dad on his day (or any day) and also seeks to take its place in the National Pastime Songbook alongside songs like Glory Days and Centerfield.

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What do critics think of it?

"Rather than trying to shrug off the dad-rock label, Colin Gawel's 'Dad Can't Help You Now' fully embraces a part of this Watershed songwriter's life that is entirely inseparable from the artist he has become. Gawel refuses to rest on the laurels of his youth, instead turning his keen eye to the boy standing right in front of him."
- Joel Oliphint / Pitchfork, Columbus Alive

"Colin is one of the few songwriters who survives the transition from adolescent rock and roll to songs that describe the condition of growing older. "Dad Can't Help You Now" is a guaranteed heart tugger for anyone who has ever had kids. It is full of kindness, wisdom and great songwriting."
- Eric Zimmer / host, The One You Feed Podcast.

"Colin Gawel is a great voice of America and this is a great song of America's pastime."
- Lou Brutus / Nationally Syndicated Rock Radio Host

"Our listeners and community love Colin Gawel and his music! And what a great song to get you excited for baseball season and perfect for Father's Day weekend"
- Maggie Brennan / Music Director, Host of Global Village WCBE 90.5FM


It's the last game of the season, you are standing out on the mound
Bases loaded, score is tied and the batter has a full count
And you are staring in at the catcher and I've never been more proud
But my heart shakes buddy cause Dad can't help you now

I'd trade every kiss i ever got to get you one more strike
I'd volunteer to paint the Eiffel Tower for a lazy fly ball to right
Now remember that it's just a game but don't forget to cover home
you're not alone out there but Dad can't help you now

Now the trick to life is to get back up after you get knocked down
and winning's fun but you learn a lot more when you get punched in the mouth
now i know these things but I'd still prefer to never see you frown.
to never see you frown

Now the pitch looked good to me, but the ump he didn't agree
and as the winning run it crossed home plate, you turned and looked at me
And you're fighting back those tears as you slowly walk off the mound
and my heart breaks buddy but Dad can't help you now
You'll get em next time buddy but Dad can't help you now.


Dad Can't Help You Now - by Colin Gawel
Superior - The Best of Colin Gawel
Produced by Mike Landolt for Curryhouse Records
Recorded by Rick Kinsinger