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Bucky Badger Attempt to Bludgeon Bosa and Bucks. Preview.

The winner of this game is in the driver's seat to win the legendary leader division and possibly the opportunity to showcase their talents in the cold, corporate confines of the Hoosier Dome come December. Nothing makes the Big Ten shine like playing in a domed stadium. That's what midwest football is all about. It's like the SEC title game with slower, fatter players and less crowd noise. 

Things to like about this game: 

Buckeyes have speed at multiply positions and should be able to expose the Badgers on the edge. 

If Devon Smith can beat the Wisconsin deep his freshman year, he can do early and often this season. 

Night game and perfect weather bode well for the home team. 


Things to like less: 

Never a good sign when the Buckeye's have a true freshman getting major minutes on the defensive line. Joey Bosa is just a babe even at 6' 6" and 275 pounds. Check back in three years and he will be a full grown man. In the meantime the Badgers have to licking their chops to test our young front. 

Other than Shazier who basically covers the entire field in front of Roby, no other linebacker has shown the ability to step up a plug a hole. If/when Shazier cramps up carrying the load, it will be the moment of truth for 5 star jumior Curtis Grant. Nothing tricky about the Badgers Curt, just tackle that huge guy running right at you. 

Explosive runs are what set Braxton Miller apart from the average player. Without question he is the best QB on the team, but if he starts slow, will dip shit Buckeye fan start clamoring for Kenny G and poison the Urban wishing well?