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Colin Gawel and The League Bowlers combine all the great originals from both Superior and Some Balls Deluxe along with every classic rock n roll song you ever wanted to hear while drinking in a bar. Everybody loves the Bowlers. For booking email

Click here for the Soundcloud link to Superior - The Best of Colin Gawel .

Videos for the songs Superior, Dad Can't Help You Now, Still Love Christmas and Chemotherapy below.

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I wrote my first song on the back of a paper route collection book in 6th grade. Soon after, while seeing a Cheap Trick concert, I convinced my pal Joe Oestreich that we should start a band and get signed to Epic Records. Just like Cheap Trick did. Watershed was born at that moment of the bus ride home from the show. Once we learned how to play, we did get signed to Epic Records and do damn near every single thing a rock n roll band can do. Except have a hit song. It's quite a tale.  In fact, you can read all about it in the best selling memoir "Hitless Wonder- A Life in Minor League Rock n Roll" which was released in 2012 and National Public Radio called it one of the two best books of the summer. It rose to #1 on the Amazon music book charts. (!) As of 2019, Watershed is still recording and playing shows. In the meantime, I also record and perform as a solo artist. Superior- The Best of Colin Gawel is 17 seventeen song compilation of that work. And in 2018 I released the League Bowlers Some Balls Deluxe. The Bowlers play bottom shelf versions of top shelf rock n roll, both originals and tasty bar room versions of the classics. 

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Superior - The Best of Colin Gawel

In between working on Watershed projects I have spent the last decade recording both solo and with my backing band, The Lonely Bones. In 2016, I tidied up all the various releases and complied them on one 18 track user friendly monstrosity: Superior - The Best of Colin Gawel. (Click here for the soundcloud link on Curryhouse Records)