Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones, "Still Love Christmas"

Here at Pencilstorm, we are so hip, we write our own holiday music. Sadly, the master tapes of "I Ate Christmas For Breakfast" were ruined when the original Pencilstorm offices were destroyed by a mysterious fire that broke out shortly following our "Festivus" party in 2004. Thankfully, we used some of the insurance money to record the new classic, "Still Love Christmas" by Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones. (along with an off the hook Vegas weekend. Make sure to ask Hassler about that if you see him)

Watch the video below and purchase the entire record here.

And if you can somehow put down the egg nog and get off your ass, Watershed is playing the Bluestone Sunday Dec 15th @ 5:30 pm & Colin and The Bones are at Woodland's Monday Dec 23rd at 7pm. Both times are solid. Excellent chance you will hear this song live and find yourself singing along. What else can we do?