Remember the Time Watershed Played Comfest Sponsored By McDonald's?

That was a good one.......................... 

At the time we were rehearsing in a storage garage surrounded by mobile Mc Donald's gear like trailers/fryers and stuff used for county fairs and so on and so forth. The day before the show, we got the bright idea to show up at Comfest dressed as MCDonald's workers and claiming Watershed Inc. had been bought out by Mc Donald's. This was around the time of Enron and all that happy crappy so it was as timely as the day's headlines.  We figured to borrow all this gear and have it back before Grimace noticed it was gone. Then we printed up a million of these handbills and spread them all over Goodale park to get everybody primed for the show. Links to all four parts below. It made me laugh anyway.

Click here to read the "Mc Watershed" newsletter

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Needless to say, the general Comfest patron was a little confused by the McDonald's dressed band throwing french fries in the crowd and a stage full of McD propaganda.   After all, this was the Bozo stage at 6 pm on a Saturday so it was quite a large anti-corporate gathering. By the way, the upside down 'M' made for quite a cool 'W" as in Watershed. Anyway, see you at Comfest this weekend and thanks for reading Pencilstorm brought to you by Chase Bank. - Colin

Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones will be playing Comfest  Sunday June 30th at 1pm. Gazebo stage. Sponsored by Arby's.