Superchunk in 45 Minutes or Less

No, it's been about a month since you posted something.

Speaking of a month, in less than a month Superchunk will release a new album called I Hate Music.

I learned of Superchunk from listening to fIREHOSE. They covered "Slack Motherfucker" live ("It's about working for an ass-hole," Mike Watt would bellow.), but it wasn't until the song was included on their Live Totem Pole EP that I knew what and who I was looking for.

I liked what I heard on Superchunk's debut, "Slack Motherfucker"'s home.  After a few listens, I came away with some favorite songs but nothing to send me racing for more.

A couple years went by.  Superchunk released Here's Where the Strings Come In.  I gave them another try, with similar, yet slighter, results.  I came away with some songs I thought were decent, but the rest, I didn't care for at all.

Several years went by.  Superchunk released Here's to Shutting Up.   My love for albums titles beginning with the contraction "Here's" was at it's pinnacle.  I couldn't resist giving Superchunk one last shot.  The album was much more mellow than their debut, but the songs were a lot better than Strings.  I was satisfied.  However, I wasn't inspired to dig any further into their catalogue.

Many years went by, and the music scene began to see acts from the early 90's reunite and tour and sometimes release new material.  While Superchunk never broke up, they hadn't toured or released an album since Here's to Shutting Up.  

Enter: Majesty Shredding.  Fifteen seconds into the first track, I was questioning everything I felt about Superchunk.  That song, that album.  Great and great.  I was hooked.  To their back catalogue!  

Oh, the years I wasted not listening to Superchunk.  This whole time I was playing a losing game of Battleship, missing the albums that would have made me an fan: On the Mouth, Foolish, Come Pick Me Up, Indoor Living.  I just didn't know it.

Well, everything is good with me now.  I'm worried about you, though.  So, I've put together a Superchunk sampler that you can listen to here though Spotify. It's just the tip of the Superchunk iceberg, but it should get you ready for I Hate Music when it's released on August 20th.


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The live cover that started it all... 

And the song that got my mind right...