Your Life Is Closer To Over: The Occasional Review by Brian Phillips

Let's Get This Out Of The Way First

Um.... I'm seeing lots of stuff regarding the Miley Cyrus thing.  

A. Don't care. 

You want to talk about women making actual music instead of spectacles? Here you go: 

I could go on.  

Well We've Seen This Show Before

We're about to bomb the shit out of another Middle Eastern Country. Some thoughts:

In jolly old England the whole question has been debated, and Prime Minister Dave Cameron tasted the back of Parliament's glove Thursday. How quaint. Elected officials in the old country actually had their say. Check out this exchange. I almost cried. 

When asked by Labour leader Ed Miliband whether he would promise not to circumvent parliament and authorize military action, he (PM Cameron) said:

"I can give that assurance. I strongly believe in the need for a tough response to the use of chemical weapons, but I also believe in respecting the will of this House of Commons.

"It is very clear tonight that while the House has not passed a motion, it is clear to me that the British parliament, reflecting the views of the British people, does not want to see British military action - I get that and the government will act accordingly."

Do not expect the same here. Congress is on vacation after all! There's no way Obama has the votes either and he knows it. 

And now I have a few questions of my own. 

A. Do we have iron clad proof that Assad used chemical weapons? I'm sorry there Washington but in my mind you guys burned up your credibility a long time ago on such questions. I'd like the UN inspectors to do their work.

B. Syria has turned into quite a party. Militants who I swear were our enemies a month ago are pouring in there for another round of holy war. We want to supply weapons to only "moderates...." I imagine they'd like us to think of them as George Washington sorts, fighting for freedom and democracy. That's all well and good, but tell me how we keep our weapons out of the hands of the wrong people. And what if Assad is overthrown? Who's going to secure his stash, chemical and otherwise? I'll wait.

C. So.... bombing the shit out of Syria will do what? Probably nothing except kill a ton more innocents. Democracy is not coming to Syria, or anywhere else in the region. Can we please disabuse ourselves of this fantasy. If they want something just like the British Parliament they'll have to overthrow their version of the ..... British.... and make their own. 

D. Doesn't it frighten you just a bit that despite the fact that 91 percent of the American people are against our involvement they're likely going ahead regardless, and without congressional approval? Here's what's gonna happen.... When we bomb Syria, Hezbollah will lob missiles from Lebanon into Israel. Iran backs Hezbollah. Can you see where this is going? Yay! Bibi Netanyahu finally realizes his wet dream of war with Iran. Have fun everyone it's a Neo-Con dance party!  

As we wait for all this to play out, sans congress, the UN Security Council, Nato, The Super Friends, or anyone else here are a few other links if you are so inclined. These will hopefully stimulate thought, and knowledge! I know right! 

The Independent asks if the President knows we're on the same side as Al Qaida.

Great take down of our media from Salon.

Asia Times columnist Pepe Escobar has an outstanding idea. Instead of Tomahawk Missiles, how about we airlift in $200,000  Ferrari  California models and let loyalists all ride off into the sunset! Everyone wins! (You should read Escobar. Smart dude, very funny.)

And the Associated Press reports our intelligence community ain't so sure about who did what. It would be nice to think they learned a thing or two from the "slam dunk" days of Iraq. I'm sure the CIA for one doesn't want this dumped back in their lap.  

Chemical weapons are abhorrent. This we can all agree upon. What to do about this though? I don't know. I'm depressed now. Grabbing a beer.

Meanwhile In New Zealand

I've written quite enough I suppose about my concerns for privacy and the constitution in our country. They're having the same debate in New Zealand. Oh wait, did I say debate? Yeah that's over. 

And In Wisconsin

Not much debate there either. 


Rolling Stone Has Put Boston Bomber and Boston Shooter On Cover Now. Boston Strangler Taps Foot Impatiently

If you haven't, read Rolling Stone's piece on incarcerated ex-Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. It's tragic. It's thought provoking, and the authors are about to have to go into hiding from all the angry Ohio State, Florida, and Patriots fans. Hell the UConn faithful may even jump in. I will says this: College towns like Gainesville sort of work this way. They shouldn't, but hey that's college sports! Speaking of which....

Johnny I'm Going To Count To Three! One, Two.... Etc.... 

The old rule of of thumb for giving your kid a time out is one minute for each year of life. By that measure I suppose the NCAA's 30 minute banishment of Johnny Manziel is excessive by ten minutes. By any other measure this week marks the end of the NCAA as an effective governing body for anything beyond fencing and water polo. The giant schools have called their bluff. Enforcement will be cursory at best. It can be no other way for President Mark Emmert and he knows it. Any more hard ball from his office and the big boys and all the money will leave and form their own organization promoting healthy, amateur, inter-collegiate athletic competition. Raw raw raw shish boom bah. 

NFL Settles Concussion Lawsuit For Not Much In NFL Money

The league doesn't have to admit anything, just like when the big banks are fined for laundering Mexican drug lord money. Hopefully the men who need medical care and financial help will get it. Oh and their brain injured lawyers too. 

Next The Players Should Sue Over Pre-Season

Half the league is out for the season after this year's preamble. Thursday the Giants lost running back Andre Brown. That's why you shouldn't draft your fantasy team until week eight. 


Well Canada I hope you're cool with Canadian bands, because new fees imposed on foreign artists make it almost impossible for all but the biggest names to tour up there eh. 

Kinks Muswell Hillbillies Deluxe Edition Coming

Man what a great record. Can't wait for the new version. 

Independents Day Taps New Bomb Turks/Lydia Loveless

One of my favorite local fests... Cool setting. Great tunes. Perfect weather!