This Date in Rock History: KISS, Queen, The Kinks, The Beatles and more KISS by Scott Carr


October 28, 1997 - KISS: Carnival of Souls - The Final Sessions is released.

Carnival of Souls is the 17th studio album from KISS and it was originally slated to be released in 1996. The release was derailed by an announcement in early 1996 that the original KISS line up would be reuniting for a massive world tour. The album remained in limbo for almost 2 years before finally being released on October 28th, 1997. The album came out with little fanfare and went mostly unnoticed by the general public. Most fans call Carnival of Souls the KISS grunge record. While it is heavy and doesn't sound grunge to me. It has the heavy elements of their previous record Revenge but has an overall more serious tone lyric wise. The song "Jungle" was released to radio as the only single from the record but there was no promotion at all. Carnival of Souls would be the swan song for the Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer line-up of KISS. Once they put the make up back on....there was no turning back. Originally Carnival of Souls was released on CD and cassette......2014 saw the first vinyl pressing of the record.

Side One
1.    "Hate"      
2.    "Rain"      
3.    "Master & Slave"      
4.    "Childhood's End"      
5.    "I Will Be There"      
6.    "Jungle"  

Side Two    
1.    "In My Head"      
2.    "It Never Goes Away"      
3.    "Seduction of the Innocent"      
4.    "I Confess"      
5.    "In the Mirror"      
6.    "I Walk Alone"      

October 28, 1977 - Queen: News of the World is released.

News of the World is the 6th studio album released by Queen. News of the World is probably best known for it's opening anthems "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions" ....which have been used at countless sporting events over the past 3 plus decades....but the album is loaded with other great tracks. The sound on this record was more straightforward than previous Queen records.....they streamlined their sound and went for a more direct approach......which for the most part worked. New of the World was a huge success for the band....selling more than 4 million copies in the US alone. 

Side One    
1.    "We Will Rock You"      
2.    "We Are the Champions"      
3.    "Sheer Heart Attack"      
4.    "All Dead, All Dead"      
5.    "Spread Your Wings"      
6.    "Fight from the Inside"      

Side Two    
1.    "Get Down, Make Love"      
2.    "Sleeping on the Sidewalk"      
3.    "Who Needs You"      
4.    "It's Late"      
5.    "My Melancholy Blues"  

October 28, 1966 - The Kinks: Face To Face is released.

Face To Face is the fourth studio album released by The Kinks. Face To Face is the first Kinks album to contain all songs written by Ray Davies, although Dave Davies disputes this fact by saying he wrote "Party Line." Two songs from the album were covered and released as singles prior to the album coming out....The Pretty Things did a version of "A House In The Country" and Herman's Hermits had a hit with the song "Dandy." Face To Face is a fan favorite and it began a string of great albums lasting through 1971's Muswell Hillbillies. There really isn't a bad Kinks record but the period from 1966 to 1971 is pretty magical.

Side One    
1.    "Party Line"      
2.    "Rosie Won't You Please Come Home"  
3.    "Dandy"      
4.    "Too Much on My Mind"      
5.    "Session Man"      
6.    "Rainy Day in June"      
7.    "A House in the Country"      

Side Two    
1.    "Holiday in Waikiki"      
2.    "Most Exclusive Residence for Sale"      
3.    "Fancy"      
4.    "Little Miss Queen of Darkness"      
5.    "You're Lookin' Fine"      
6.    "Sunny Afternoon"      
7.    "I'll Remember"  

October 28, 1996 – The Beatles: Anthology 3 is released.

Anthology 3 is a compilation album released by the three surviving members of The Beatles in 1996. It is comprised of rarities and outtakes that focus on the last 2 years of the band......from The White Album....through Let It Be and Abbey Road. The Anthology series was a huge success and Anthology 3 was the bands third No. 1 double album in a row.....the previous 2 Anthologies had also hit the number one spot. Unlike the previous 2 Anthologies....Anthology 3 did not contain any newly recorded material from the three surviving Beatles.....a new track was planned for this album but was not completed. Instead they opened the album with the track "A Beginning" .....which had originally been planned as an intro track to "Don't Pass Me By" on The White Album. "A Beginning" was composed by Beatle producer George Martin.

October 28, 1978: The NBC Movie Of The Week "KISS Meets Phantom of the Park" premieres. 

"KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park" was the 2nd highest-rated TV movie of the year.