Baver Answers Colin's Questions, 10/30/14


You were the only person on the planet that saw Penn State hanging with Ohio State and you have not missed a Buckeye game (against the spread) this year. Do you have the same sports almanac that Biff had in Back to the Future II?  How did you nail that game and what is your record on the year?

Prior to the State Penn game, there were three things that stood out for me, in regards to why I thought the Nits were the play (against the spread): 1) The craziness of that stadium during a night white-out, making a 2-TD spread seem awfully high, 2) A well coached PSU team having an extra week to prepare for Ohio State, and 3) JT Barrett having never played in a hostile environment.  That was my second trip to see the Bucks in that venue, and once again, the crowd was insane.  That is so difficult for a frosh QB to handle.  JT did shows so real guts with his play in OT.  As for the overall picks on the year, combing the OSU picks with the weekly plays of the week, that makes me 17-10-1 against the spread.  

So, what games do you like this week?

I’ll continue to do the three picks of the week, which may or may not include the Buckeye game.  I have the Bucks covering against Illini, but would recommend staying away from that game, with OSU having Sparty on deck and JT Barrett ailing.  So, here are the three I like… call me a sucker, but I like Florida State laying the 3 ½ points against the ‘Ville.  That line was as high as 7, thus my “sucker” comment.  Too much of a talent difference and one would think the Noles have to eventually bust out this year.  And I will take two Big Ten dogs: Indiana getting 6 ½ at Michigan and Maryland getting 3 ½ at State Penn.  Indiana is a situational play, coming off a bye with Michigan, who is coming off an emotional loss.  As for State Penn and Maryland, I think the game could go either way, so the 3 ½ pts is attractive.  I think the OT loss to Ohio State will drag the Lions down a bit this week.

What is your take the CFB playoff committee rankings?  Tell me we won’t see three SEC teams in the playoff.  And can the Bucks get from #16 to the top 4 by year-end?

I just refuse to get wrapped up in all the hoopla this early.  It might sound like coach-speak, but there is a too much football yet to be played.  As far as the 3 SEC teams in the top 4….as of right now, I don’t really have much of a problem with it.  I think there will end up being 2 SEC teams in the playoffs when it is all said and done.  All the one-loss teams ahead of Ohio State?  Again, as of right now, I don’t have a problem with it. Other than putting 50 spots on poor defenses, Ohio State’s resumé is simply not good.  If the Buckeyes win in East Lansing, it’s time to revisit OSU’s chances of making the playoff.  Put me on the spot, and I will say this…. I think the Bucks “can” beat Sparty on the road, but tend to think they won’t.  (That opinion may change in the next week or so.)  If the Bucks do pull it off, they will still need to win the rest of their games, including the B10 Championship game….and I think winning-out puts the Bucks in the playoff.