How I Spent My Sunday Morning by Colin Gawel

Ah yes, a free Sunday morning. My wife is out of town and Owen is at a sleepover. I usually take Sundays off from the coffee shop so no worries there. Three hours of unadulterated free time. The sky is the limit. What to do? Write a song? Read the NY Times? Go for a run? Drink some coffee, or perhaps even a Bloody Mary? Call some old friends and catch up? Start tackling Pencilstorm stories I need to write, such as Watershed opening for Cheap Trick or recording with Tim Patalan in Michigan? Clean the house? Winterize the lawn mower? Write about Ray Davies being the best songwriter? The upcoming Dead Schembechlers show? Practice guitar? Call my Dad? or sister?

Yeah, those are all good ideas.


I could lay in bed with the blinds drawn and Google myself to read old reviews for an hour or so. The highlight being Todd Baker defending me from the charge of being an irresponsible parent on the NPR weekend edition message board. At this point I probably should have at least gotten up to make some coffee but.......

I just had to check in on YouTube to catch some footage from the 2014 KISS Kruise. Bam! Full second night show posted thanks to my man Larry Hirshon.  They played "Plaster Caster?" Well, I've just got to watch that. Ooo, and a full acoustic set too? Larry, you have done it again. Then I wondered if those greedy bastards were changing their set lists during their Vegas residency. They aren't. Tough luck for all you Kiss fanatics who bought tickets for every show hoping they would play lots of deep cuts from Unmasked. I bet Jim Johnson doesn't spend his Sunday morning googling KISS set lists.  Speaking of set lists, didn't Cheap Trick open on the KISS Cruise? I wonder what they played. And when we opened for them in Myrtle Beach that was a hell of a set list. I should really write a follow up on that. But damn, check out this version of Speak Now in Los Angeles in 2013.

Whoops, too late. Owen is home. Three hours gone. Better clean this house and get ready to watch football. Nice.

Colin Gawel plays in Watershed, owns Colin's Coffee and is concerned about the nature of his true nature. He did get off his ass and start Pencilstorm, though.