Pencilstorm Holiday Party Featuring Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones Tuesday Dec 23rd @ Woodland's Tavern

If you were one of the 23,864 people who visited Pencilstorm in 2014, we would like to invite you to our annual Holiday Party @ Woodland's Tavern on Tuesday Dec 23rd. Admission is FREE and doors open at 6 pm with happy hour prices on Four String Brew. Legendary Pencilstorm contributor Ricki C. will be performing a solo set starting at 7 pm and Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones will be playing from 7:30-9. 

All are invited and if you have troubling making it happen just use the magic words, "I have to slide out real quick to do some last minute shopping. It's a secret."

Boom. See you on Tuesday, Dec 23rd at Woodland's Tavern and thanks for supporting Pencilstorm. - Colin G.