Springsteen Opens Show with "Highway to Hell" / Columbus Show Announced!

Bruce Springsteen and the E. Street Band aren't allowed to have on off night. To the contrary, they have raised the bar so high that every single time the Boss steps on stage, people expect a life changing rock n roll experience. And damn if he doesn't always achieve it or come very close trying.

So what does Bruce do when making a rare appearance in Perth, Austraila, which also happens to be hometown of the late great AC/DC singer Bon Scott? He opens the show with "Highway to Hell." Of course he does. What else would you play? By the time the song kicks into the first chorus the crowd is so revved up it looks like they are ready to smash chairs over each other's heads. Bon would have approved. Bruce Springsteen just announced North American tour dates for 2014 including a date in Columbus,OH April 15th. I strongly suggest you attend. - Colin 

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