12 of the Best Stories About KISS You Will Ever Read. Good and Bad.

The rock band KISS has always inspired strong opinions both pro and con since they unleashed their kabuki-infused rock n roll on the unsuspecting public four decades ago. On April 10th 2014, KISS was finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. To mark the occasion, Pencilstorm went ten straight days with uninterrupted KISS "Koverage."  The following are the highlights and are a must read for any self respecting member of the KISS Army. And not to fear, Kiss haters, there is plenty for you to love as well. All the stories are packed with links and clips for your pleasure. If this is your first time, I'm so jealous of the good time you are about to have.  Enjoy! - Colin G.

Loving a Band That Is Easy to Hate, My Life With Kiss. If you only have time for one story, this is the one. by David Martin

KISS Rocks vs KISS Sucks  

Reason to Live Gave Me a Reason to Live  - Jeff Hassler explains Crazy Nights is the best Kiss record and Bruce Kulick is better than Ace.

I Was Going to Be the Only Rocker on the West Side of Columbus to Never Smoke Pot and Then Kiss Came to Town. ---Rock historian and legendary roadie Ricki C. explains why he hates KISS.

KISS Kountdown Surprise Bonus Track Tattoo Package Booklet - a mish-mash of best KISS book, worst Peter track and more.

KISS, Black Flag and a Parking Lot in Spokane

Lifelong KISS Fan Gives You His Ten Least Favorite Tunes

I Love Unmasked and You Should Too

KISS Ruined Rock n Roll Forever

KISS Monster is a Monster of an Album. No Shit. Seriously.

Paul's Solo Album is Better Than Ace's

Paul Stanley Sings a Folgers Commercial