I Went Ahead and Wrote LeBron's Return Speech for Him. by Colin G.

Lebron, I know you are busy with free agency, stocking the mini bar on the Lear jet and getting ready for the World Cup, so I thought I would do my share and knock out a "return to Cleveland" statement for your use. Takes one thing off your plate anyway. No need to thank me, it's really the least I could do. Have fun in Brazil. See ya around The Flats soon. 

 "I would like to start by thanking the Miami Heat organization, my teammates and especially the fans for making my time in South Beach so enjoyable. I gave my all and I think we enjoyed some great moments together. For this I will be forever grateful. When I came to Miami, I had never lived anywhere outside of my hometown of Akron, Ohio. I never had the college experience or a chance to experience something completely different from what I knew growing up. With the benefit of these past years, I can see know how much I have matured during my time in the Sunshine State. Once again, I want to thank everybody in the Miami Heat community for treating me so well, but my work is done here. It is time for me to return home to my city and my family and once again give it my all to try and win a title for the great sports fans of Ohio." 

This was originally part of "LeBron James Returns to Cleveland" Click here for the full story.

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