Tommy (Ramone) Erdelyi Talks About Producing The Replacements: Full Interview

It's Replacements week here at Pencilstorm. Along with my Watershed pals - Hitless Wonder author Joe Oestreich and the living literary legend, "Biggie" - I have been invited to St. Paul, Minnesota, to witness The Replacements' homecoming show on Saturday September 13th at Midway Stadium in St. Paul, MN. In honor of this we decided to knock out some 'Mats-related material for your enjoyment. 

Getting stoked for the show, I stumbled onto to this unedited footage of Tommy (Ramone) Erdelyi talking about producing the Mats' classic "Tim". The footage is so raw they even have to toss a few drunks out of the bar for interrupting the shoot. Bits of this were used for the unauthorized 'Mats bio pic "Color Me Obsessed" and if you haven't seen that movie, you should. Brian Phillips and I screened it one month awhile back for our Reelin' and Rockin' at the Gateway film series. Anyway, got to serve some more coffee. Enjoy!  - Colin G.

Tomorrow:  Ricki C. tells the tale of the first time he saw The Replacements.