Must-see Jerry Lee Lewis Documentary Helps Explain My Questionable Decision Making - by Colin G.

January and February are really hard times for a small business like Colin's Coffee. Holiday credit binges are coming due and people just do not like to venture out in the cold, snowy weather. This is the time of year to tighten the belt, save your pennies and eat lots of cheap, tasty Sam's Club pasta with bottom-shelf red sauce warmed up in the least for me anyway. 

Time to hunker down and just grind out some.....RING    RING    RING. 

"Colin, wake up,  Biggie is on the phone….."

"Uh, what, ok, yeah…..What? Is somebody dead? Why are you calling so late?"

"Jerry Lee Lewis is playing a Mississippi casino in nine days. There are only thirty tickets left. We have to go and we need to decide now. Are you in or are you out? I need to know right now. It's going to sell out any second. I will drive. It's The Killer for chrissakes. We saw Little Richard but we have never seen Chuck. We could make this happen. It's only 750 miles away. Come on, tickets are down to 23. We HAVE to do this. It's Jerry Lee Lewis….."

Are you in or are you out?

(cue dream sequence to this documentary…)

I'm broke, I'll have to find somebody to cover the shop and Owen has basketball that weekend but…I'm in. Damn you, Biggie. Damn you and Jerry Lee straight to hell. Pick me up at 3pm on Friday.

Click here for details on where to meet up. for the Watershed tour stop in Memphis.