Willie Phoenix Tribute Machine Listening Party and More!

Hey everybody, the Willie Phoenix Tribute Machine is off and rolling. Just a quick update and a reminder that YOU can help us by spreading this music around and telling people about the great Willie Phoenix.

Click here to get the FREE music      or        here to read the original article  

We will be having a Willie Phoenix Tribute Machine listening party at Little Rock Bar (corner of 4th Ave and 2nd St) Thursday March 5th. The event will be 6-8pm and admission is FREE. There will be no live music but a mix of Willie Phoenix tunes will be spinning. All the guys from the Tribute Machine will be hoisting beers and prepared to talk all things Willie.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! In addition to this being a party, we need Willie superfans to bring out your old Willie records, tapes, CDs, articles, pictures and the like. We will be taking pictures of all this stuff so we can begin working on a proper Willie Phoenix Wiki page listing his full discography. This is a huge task and we cannot do this without your help. If you cannot make it, please email your Willie P. info 

Radio Update:  Jon Peterson is planning on spinning a cut this week on his fabulous Shakin' It Radio program which airs in Columbus on WCBE 90.5 Saturday night so tune in and check it out. Maggie B has a copy as well so call in and request.  Studio Line - 614 821 9223 

CD102.5  has been given a copy to spin and is waiting to hear from you. Text: Request Willie P  to the # 68683  and let them know you want to hear it on the radio. 0r call 614 221 1025

Last but not least, the actual Willie Phoenix will be playing Eldorado's Bar (Morse and High) Saturday February 28th. Go check it out or click here to visit for all things Willie and more dates.   This site also has all the latest Willie music. It never stops.

Thanking you in advance for helping us spread the word about Columbus' own Willie Phoenix - Colin G.