Reelin' and Rockin' @ the Gateway: "Revenge Of The Mekons" by Ricki C.

The Mekons have been around since 1977, and yet I don’t really know that much about them: which is why I’m really happy that Colin and Brian Phillips are bringing the documentary feature “Revenge of The Mekons” to the Gateway Film Center this Wednesday, April 15th at 8 pm as this month’s Reelin’ and Rockin’ @ the Gateway presentation.  

I do know this much about The Mekons:

1) Their 1989 album “The Mekons Rock ‘n’ Roll” is one of the most fiercely intelligent punk-rock records of all time.  For those of you scoring at home, the Ricki C. acid test for whether something is genuine punk-rock is if it makes me wanna break stuff when I listen to it real loud, and – by those standards – “The Mekons Rock ‘n’ Roll” is right up there with The Clash’s first record Elvis Costello and the Attractions’ “This Year’s Model.”  (Also, I find it cool and appropriate that The Mekons fall right beside The MC5 in my vinyl collection, speaking of fiercely intelligent rock & roll.)  

2) I saw The Mekons live at Stache's in 1989 when they were touring that record, and talk about packing A LOT of magic into a really small space: Langford, Timms, Greenhalgh & company blistered the paint off Dan Dougan's walls.    

3) I know that The Mekons’ “Ghosts Of American Astronauts” (see video below) showcases one of the most subversive lyrics and simultaneously one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs in all of rock & roll; from a punk band.  Go see the movie.  Make a new friend, love an old band.  – Ricki C. / April 11th, 2015   

Reelin and Rockin' @ the Gateway admission is $5 (CHEAP!) and  benefits CD102.5 For The Kids children's charity; happy hour begins at 7 pm in the Torpedo Room bar, "Revenge of The Mekons" follows at 8 pm.