Can I Talk About Myself This Christmas? - by Colin G.

Folks, If I had time, I'd spin a sweet holiday tale from Christmas past and certainly I've been blessed to have more than my share. But right now, I'm so busy shipping out copies of Superior: The Best of Colin Gawel, practicing for the show at Woodlands on Dec 23rd, trying to sell Colin's Coffee gift cards and lock down AC/DC tickets for Owen's stocking (shhhhh) that I've got to blow off the real reason for the season to focus on the fake side. 

Still, my heart is in the  right place and if you are looking a couple great holiday reads may I suggest clicking here for Scott Carr's story and here for James A. Baumann's story. Wal will have something posted on Xmas Eve and I'm sure Ricki C. has stuff cooking too. Basically, keep checking Pencilstorm. Yes, this heartfelt holiday post has turned into shameless plug for my own website. Ah hell's and jingle bells, let's just make the whole post about me. It's like Gene Simmons has taken over my brain. Or Donald Trump. (Who are very similar if you ask me.) But now I'm getting off track. Where were we? Oh yeah, I remember, back to me.....   

Colin Gawel and the Lonely Bones live @ Woodlands Tavern Wednesday Dec 23rd. 8pm Showtime. FREE! If you have trouble getting out use these magic words, "I have to step out and do some last minute shopping. It's a surprise." Doors 7 pm - show at 8pm.

Also- Rick Kinsinger and myself will be performing on WCBE 90.5 on Wednesday Dec 23rd around the 2 o'clock hour. Tune in to hear us play some tunes and chat with Maggie Brennan. Click here to hear it streaming.

Superior- The Best of Colin Gawel will be available at the show. The Kickstarter pre-orders have been shipped (Thank you!) and it should start showing up on Spotify / I-Tunes and the like very soon. Once we hit the New Year we will figure where else to sell it. But right now it's only available at the coffee shop or at the gig.  

Anyway, I hope everybody has a great Holiday and I really appreciate all the people who write for and read Pencilstorm. It brings me much joy on these dark lonely mornings at the coffee shop. Thanks to all. X O X O - Colin

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