Second Annual Kids' Concert @ King 5, Sunday, January 10th, 4 pm and FREE! - by Pete Vogel

This Sunday I’ll be hosting the Second Annual Kids’ Concert at King Avenue 5.  We call it a “Kids’ Concert” because it’s more than a music recital—it’s an opportunity for kids to hone their musical crafts in a professional environment that truly has a concert-like setting.  

King Avenue 5 is one of the best music spaces in town because it provides a professional atmosphere for budding artists.  With stage, lights, PA, backdrop, an audio engineer and a spacious room that serves food and drinks, anybody can feel like a professional musician when playing this room.  This Sunday’s concert differs from a formal recital because every performer has the opportunity to play a 15- minute set, allowing them the time to perform a variety of songs—and styles—in their repertoire.

Nick Pavich, owner of the bar/restaurant/music space, has done a wonderful job of nurturing talent with this unique room.  The space is void of distractions—TV sets are rarely on and the room is designed to put the emphasis on music.  All of the little details have been ironed out: the PA is raised to the ceiling to allow better sight lines; soundproofing has been added to 3 of the 4 walls; a black backdrop allows for dramatic photograpy and videography; and the bar in the back has a mirror so you won’t miss the action while waiting for a drink.

What this experience does for kids is priceless: it prepares them for any type of public performance, whether it be public speaking, hosting an event of their own, or performing live onstage in front of a captive audience.  I always tell my students the biggest leap they may ever make in their lives might be walking those three steps from the floor to the stage—a complete transformation takes place once one hops onstage and performs in public.  It is equal parts terrifying and exhilarating.  For some it’s like a second home, for others it’s their greatest fear, aside from death. To me, I can’t think of a better platform to instill self-confidence than public performance of this kind.

We have a variety of musicians that will be performing: some will be singing and playing piano; others will be doing duets on acoustic guitar with yours truly; and others will be playing drums and performing with multiple students.  There will also be some surprises as well, it’s not unlikely that I may invite other students onstage to perform if the spirit moves us in that direction.  Another special treat: Nick’s daughter Grace will be performing as well!

The event is free and open to the public.  It starts at 4pm and will wrap up at 7pm.  Special guest Jacquie Sanborn will close the evening with a series of songs off her debut EP “Let Down Your Umbrella”—she takes the stage at 6:30pm.  We hope you stop out and give a listen!  - Pete Vogel