Browns Again Explode Like the Death Star - by The North Coast Posse

Once again, the Cleveland Browns organization has exploded like the Death Star leaving dazed Browns  backers wondering what will happen next. The North Coast Posse called an emergency meeting at Patrick J's on High Street determined to get to the bottom of this no matter how many hours or beers it took.....


1) First things first: Where the hell was Manziel last weekend? Can you give us the latest info (or at least your best guess) to what happened and what it means?

Well, this story has taken some serious turns since Billy Football sent out the "Aw Shucks" selfie with his pug. What I believe is happening, is a guy with serious authority and self- awareness issues is pushing the envelope just as far as he can. Browns fans were so quick to dismiss the 4 loko video, without considering he was posturing in front of the camera rapping to the same song that's in the snippet that got his starter status revoked. It's no surprise that it was leaked as, JFF was just throwing another middle finger to the Browns organization and its fans. What's sad is that a large percentage of fans ignored the middle finger and sprinted to his defense. The kid truly believes he makes his own rules, and with an endless supply of enablers at his ready, there is no reason for him to think he doesn't. He is caustic and needs to be removed from this team as soon as possible. 


2) If I recall, last season Johnny threw a rager the NIGHT BEFORE the last game of the season and missed the game. Doesn't he understand that if he just waits 24 hours and just shows up for his job that pays him millions, he can spend the next 5 months partying in Vegas and nobody would get pissed at him? 

Like I said, Johnny believes he makes his own rules (on and off the field). There is no reason for him to adhere to team policy as no one has ever held him accountable in his entire spoiled existence.


3) Ok- make the case that Petitine and Farmer deserved to be fired

Nothing more needs to be said other than 3 wins in 21 games. On top of that, the fact that they remained at odds and could not work together to ensure professional harmony is an indictment of both of them.


4) Is there a reason one or both should have been retained?

If Johnny was forced upon either one of them, I think a case could be made. That guy is a disaster and a catalyst for the current S-show (version 2015).


5) So it seems the Browns are again hell-bent on hiring a coach before a GM and meanwhile, Haslam's attorney friend has been promoted to some mysterious new football related position. Should we be concerned?

Surprisingly, I'm optimistic about the new direction. A concrete plan is better than the circus of 2013. Corporate restructuring is the new buzz word in the business world, so what Haslam is doing is actually following a trend rather than taking some sort of renegade stance. I'm excited to watch it play out.


6) Best case for new coach and direction?

I have zero interest in the yearly Gruden/Cowher hoopla. Nor would I like to see Urban head up 71. The Browns need to find a coach who embraces the cerebral approach and will work in tandem with the infrastructure starting day 1. Personally, I'd like Matt Patricia (D.C. for the Patriots). He has an engineering background along with a PHD in systems from the University of Bill B. I know the last Patriots D. C. didnt fair to well, but I think we'd all consider 10-6 to be a dream at this point


7) Believable case for new coach and direction.

I believe Patricia is an actual legit option, but I also know he is a hot commodity and we're a 4 at best (maybe a 5.5 if last call was just made.) If he goes elsewhere, I think Marrone (O.C. from Jax, former Bills head coach) is an option as the Jaguars have also been taking an analytical approach over the last few years.


8. The Browns will draft ___________ at #2

Jared Goff, QB Cal