Buggy Eyes and a Big Butt: A 366 Movies Project

My friend Rob is going to watch 366 movies this leap year. I asked him questions about it. -Colin G.

What inspired you to take on this project?

Listening to the Doug Loves Movies podcast, mostly. Doug Benson took this challenge last year. He made it seem fun. I’d heard of people doing it before for blog content. But one movie a day felt like a chore. However, I watched 157 last year without trying. With a little focus and planning, 366 movies in as many days isn’t out of the question.

What is your strategy? One a day? Weekend marathons?  

It’ll be a mix of both. I decided to do this a week or two ago, so there was some catching up to do. In doing so I learned a valuable lesson: Don’t follow a double feature with a 4-hour movie. The 4-hour movie goes first, then more if I feel like it.

A new rule! Do you have any others?  

When watching at home, the phone and tablet are set out of reach. The point is to watch the movie. Not have it playing in the background. 

Are you counting new movies only or also ones you choose to re-watch?  

Only ones I haven’t seen will count. This is an opportunity to see movies I’ve been meaning to see, “classics” I probably should have seen by now and whatever else crosses my path. I’m looking forward to my Netflix queue getting cut down in a substantial way. Now all the “I’d like to see that” titles will stop collecting dust. 

Is Netflix your main source outside of the movie theater?  

Mostly, yeah. The rental and streaming service. There are a few on my initial list that aren’t available in either form but can be rented from Amazon digitally. The Hulu stream has many movies from the Criterion Collection. Though, being Criterion, I think they prefer I call them “films,” but either way, I got plenty of movin’ pi’tures ta take a gander at. [laughs hysterically]

[stares blankly] Getting back to strategy, is your initial list mapped out to the day?  

No, it’s whatever I feel like at that moment. I think forcing a schedule would take the fun out of it. If I don’t get to a title after this, chances are I wasn’t too keen to watch it in the first place.

Are you planning any themes, spotlight a particular director or performer? 

A few days ago I came across a pledge to watch 52 movies made by women. I’ve got room for that and more. There are four lists of great suggestions at Beyond that, nothing officially planned.

Finally, we’re almost through January. How are you doing?  

I’m on pace. Might even be a movie ahead. 

What has been you favorite so far? 

Monte Walsh. Lee Marvin and Jack Palance are cowboys at a crossroad. The Old West is becoming The Settled West. They have to decide to settle with it or contiune with the only life they’ve known. It’d make a great double feature with Unforgiven. 

Sounds good. Will you keep us updated on your progress?

Yeah, I'll check in every couple weeks or so.


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