Complete Nomination List for 2016 Pencilstorm Hall of Fame

The new class of THE Pencilstorm Hall of Fame will be announced at the CD1025 Big Room Bar Thursday April 14th. Doors and Happy Hour start at 6pm. Winners announced at 7:30 and Willie Phoenix and The Soul Underground play a show starting at 8pm. FREE!!!


Below is the complete nomination list to be considered for induction in the 2016  Pencilstorm Hall of Fame. The Pencilstorm Hall of Fame seeks to recognize things, people, places and stuff for their outstanding achievements in the field of excellence. Or put another way, things that make life better. The list was complied by our staff writers with help from our friends. The field will eventually be cut to 25 with the final inductees being announced 7pm Thursday April 14th at the CD1025 Big Room Bar. Until that time, we welcome your feedback and our writers will be making a case for who they think belong in this first class of a new and very important institution, THE Pencilstorm Hall of Fame. - Colin G.


Ace of Spades (the song)  /  Adriatico's Pizza (with pepperoni)  / "Thunderbird" by Terry Anderson and The Olympic Ass-Kicking Team (song) /  Andyman-a-thon /  Angelo Julius Palma's Facebook Page  /  Bernie Kosar  /  Black Francis  /  Bob Dylan "Chronicles" (book)  /  Bon Scott  /  Boxer Briefs  /  Brian McBride  / Cheap Trick / Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes  /  Creem Magazine - The 70's  /  DC comic books (1956-1960)  /  Dwight Yoakam  /  Eddie - the Iron Maiden mascot  /  Edgar Martinez's Swing /  Elliott Murphy  /  Fender Precision Bass  /  Fritz the Night Owl  /  Galaga (video game)  /  Get The Knack (album) / Goodfellas "What's So Funny About Me" scene /  Guns n Roses Live at the Ritz 1988 /  Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap (1961)  /  Highbanks  /  Hostess orange cupcakes  /  Hunter Thompson's "Hell's Angels"  /  ice-cold canned beer  / John Peel  / John Petric  / Judge Smails / Lost Weekend Records  /  Marc Bolan  /  Marvel comic books (1960-1964)  /  Mean Mr. Mustard's AC/DC - Cult Night  /  Mike Judge  /  Mott The Hoople  /  Mr. Show Episode 22 "Show Me Your Weenis"  /  Night Flight (late night video/movie show on USA Network)  /  Night Shift (movie, 1982)  /  Original B-Dubs on Woodruff and High  / Over The Edge (movie)  /  Paul Stanley's First Solo Record  /  Phil Lynott  /  Physical Graffiti / THE Pencilstorm Hall of Fame / Pink Floyd's The Wall (the movie, not the album)  /  Plank's Bier Garten  /  Rick Cautela, the Rock 'n' Roll Reverend and-or The Alrosa Villa  / SNL "Samurai Delicatessen" sketch /  Scoonie Penn  /  Studio 35  /  The 1978-79 Seattle Supersonics  /  The Beatles Marathon  /  The Godfather, parts 1 & 2  /  The Grapes Of Wrath by John Steinbeck  / Reds Opening Day @  The Library Bar  /  The Neighborhoods (Boston band, 1978-1990) / The Wire Season 3 (TV Show)  /  The Young Ones "University Challenge" Episode with Motorhead (TV Show)  /  Thirsty Thursdays @ Huntington Park  /  Tom Peterson's 12 String Bass  /  Travis Hoewischer  /  twilight (the time of day, not the tween girl vampire/werewolf book series)  /  Willie Phoenix