Five Sentences About The Stooges Documentary Debuting at Gateway Film Center This Week - by Ricki C.

HEY, PENCILSTORM READERS, a new documentary about The Stooges (NOT Iggy & the Stooges, I WILL NEVER refer to them as "Iggy & the Stooges" they were just THE STOOGES) by Jim Jarmusch is playing at the Gateway Film Center this week.  I didn't get to go on Friday on accounta I was playin' roadie for The Whiles CD release party at Ace Of Cups (Columbus' finest venue for local rock & roll, and maybe just finest venue, period) and I've got a busy weekend comin' up, but you'd best believe I'm gonna be there THE MINUTE I get a minute.

So, I haven't actually SEEN the doc, but I think it's gotta be great, given Jarmusch's involvement and the fact that it's about The Stooges, for Chrissakes.  I read on the Gateway website that Tuesdays are Super Tuesdays, with $5 admission and FREE POPCORN, so my best advice to you, dear readers, is to QUIT YOUR JOBS (or just tell your boss you're headin' out to vote) and go see Gimme Danger on Tuesday.  

This is my fifth sentence: here's a trailer, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!

(editor's note: Some of the footage in this trailer - the scene of Iggy throwing peanut butter into the audience and standing/pointing on the hands of the crowd - was shot at the Cincinnati Pop Festival, which Ricki C. attended on June 13th, 1970, exactly one week after he graduated from high school.  He's never been the same.  For a more complete account of that show, check out The First Time I Saw The Stooges on Ricki's previous blog, Growing Old With Rock & Roll.