Forget Facebook Posts, You Should Write for Pencilstorm - Colin Gawel

Are your Facebook posts always the best of the thread but soon disappear down the bottomless hole of the news feed? Well, we are always looking for new contributors at Pencilstorm. It's a great way to exercise your writing skills and reach a wider audience while doing it on your own schedule. If any of the areas below are of interest to you (or a friend) please inquire at . If there is an idea not on the list we are open to any suggestions. At Pencilstorm, there are no deadlines, though we would prefer one story every couple of months if possible. Or if you get on a roll we can do a monthly feature. No pressure. Totally cool, totally cool.  Just make it good. Have fun. And, we are non-exclusive, so you can post anywhere & everywhere outside of Pencilstorm.  Hope to hear from you, Colin G. 

WWE Wrestling

Live Comedy 

Favorite Podcasts

Soccer or Hockey

Favorite Restaurants or Bars

New Album Reviews

Concert Previews or Reviews

Good reads


Television Shows

Craft beer or wine


Comic Books

Travel - Favorite locations or things to do in different cities. Vacation Stories / Reviews 


Serial Fiction


High School Sports

Copy Editing.

These are just some suggestions. Please pitch any idea you might have to