Introducing THE Pencilstorm Hall of Fame Class of 2016

It wasn't easy, but after thousands of emails, hundreds of beers, countless text messages and even a cold stare or two around the Pencilstorm office, we are proud to announce the 2016 class of THE Pencilstorm Hall of Fame. As happy as we are for the winners, I'd like to remind those that didn't make the cut that there is always next year so don't give up hope. And thanks to all who packed the CD102.5 Big Room Bar for the induction ceremony and an amazing set by Willie Phoenix and The Soul Underground. 

THE Pencilstorm Hall of Fame Class of 2016:

Willie Phoenix   (Click here to read Ricki C. making the case for Willie)

Galaga               (Click here to read Colin making the case for Galaga)

Guns and Roses Live from The Ritz 1988    (click here to read Big $ making the case for GnR)

The CD1025 Andymanathon      (more on this coming soon)

Goodfellas "What's So Funny About Me?" scene.  (Click here to read Wal making the case)

Mean Mr. Mustard's AC/DC - Cult night. ( Click here to read Wal making the case

Mr. Show - Episode 22 "Show Me Your Weenis  (more on this coming soon)

The Knack - Get The Knack  (Scott Carr explains why he supports The Knack

Ice Cold Canned Beer  (more on this coming soon)