Love and Basketball by Ben Galli

Is it a terrible thing to say that I wouldn't mind seeing the series end tonight just so there's no conflict with Game of Thrones on Sunday?  It's the Battle of the Bastards.  Or the Snow Bowl.  I imagine it'll just be a whole episode depicting one major battle.  It's gonna be like Braveheart (r.i.p. Mel Gibson's career).  Deep breath.  Alright, I've calmed down.

One person that probably can't wait for this series to end is Kevin Love.  He was supposed to be the last piece of the puzzle (not Richard Jefferson).  Cleveland's Big 3 did score 84 points Monday night and 82 of those points were scored by LeBron James and Kyrie Irving (41 each).  Yes, Kevin Love scored 2 points and grabbed 3 points in 33 minutes of game action.  Love is not what ANYONE thought he was.  You could barely argue that he's a poor man's Tom Gugliotta. A team/front office/megastar decision maker with vision would have opted for Andrew Wiggins and patience instead of drinking the win now Kool-Aid.  That's a discussion for another time though.

Cleveland played their best game of the series when Kevin Love was out.  For whatever reason, and there are probably several, Kevin Love did not show up for the Finals.  Even though the game is in Cleveland, the Cavs will be heavy underdogs.  Not in Vegas (they're 2 point favorites) but in the collective mind of Basketball Fans Everywhere.  With Draymond back and a Warriors team that does have a killer instinct, very few people are expecting a game 7.

But it is possible.  However unlikely, Cleveland can still win this game at home.  They might need another superhuman effort from LBJ and Kyrie.  They will definitely need more help from just about everyone.  They're gonna have to stop shitting themselves when Draymond is in at center.  In the 81 minutes that Golden State has played their 'Death' Lineup in the Finals, they've outscored Cleveland by 53 points.  With Andrew Bogut out for the rest of the series, that gives the Warriors even more impetus to play that lineup.  

Cleveland doesn't match up well with Golden State.  Nothing is going to change that right now in this series.  They do however possess the greatest basketball player in the world.  They also possess about 50 years of inconceivable heartbreak when it comes to their best sports teams.  And maybe that's what it will take.  An Act of God to bring glory to Northeast Ohio.  Or an act of Love. <-- WARNING:  flammable hot take right there.