NCP Answers Your Questions on the Battle of Ohio

It’s the Battle of Ohio and the NCP will be watching the game at Four String Brew with the League Bowlers playing before the game. FREE.


1) Who should feel more excited about the future of their team, Bengals or Browns fans?


K-Dubs, the Soldier:  The Browns.  I know they are 0-6, but each week we can see the young players, like defensive tackle Danny Shelton and quarterback Cody Kessler, getting better. The Browns have shown a lot of fight in their losses, too.  I truly believe we are witnessing a culture change in Berea and the building of a winning franchise.  Cincinnati maybe a perennial playoff team, but they have an aging roster that I think has already passed its peak potential.  This year, the Bengals will be at home during the postseason, just like Cleveland, and I think Cincinnati’s win total will trend down the next few years while Cleveland’s should trend up (I do realize that the Browns’ win total can only trend up).

Big$:  I truly feel that future is brighter moving forward for Hue Jackson’s Browns, but the singular reason it’s better to be a Browns fan, is that we do not have to defend Vontaze Burrfict. There is no room for a player like that in professional sports or everyday life, for that matter. It’s impossible to take Roger’s assertions on player safety seriously, when he won’t take that goon off the field.


2) Cody Kessler has quietly put together some pretty good numbers. Is there QB worth drafting in the 1st round next year or could he be the QB of the near future?


Big$:  The Commander’s competence has bought the front office some time. It’s crucial that defense is addressed this April, and using both 1st-round picks towards that end will be big league. I have my eyes on Myles Garrett, the defensive end from Texas A&M, and would love to couple him with some secondary help. Cody can continue to keep the seat warm for the NCP’s favorite son, Mitch Trubisky, the quarterback from UNC.


K-Dubs, the Soldier:  I really like Kessler.  I don’t think I would have ever said that when Josh McCown went down.  He throws an accurate ball, he makes good decisions, and he can create plays by scrambling and buying himself more time in the pocket.  His growth has been impressive, and his performance should give the Browns’ brain trust some leeway to fill other needs at the top of the draft.  That said, if the front office believes there is a quarterback in next year’s draft that is a can’t-miss prospect, they have to take him.  Keep an eye on Jake Browning from the University of Washington.   


3) Is TP going to sign a long term deal?

K-Dubs, the Soldier:  Word on the street is that they are already in talks.  I think it is a great move to lock up Pryor.  He is a unique talent.  At the very least, he is a possible target for the franchise tag, which could keep him around for an extra year. 


Big$:  I think he likes playing for Hue and will reward the loyalty with a signature on the dotted line. Should be easy for the Harvard crew to find the cashola considering roughly 87% of the team is on rookie deals.


4) If the Bengals lose today, should they re- locate to Las Vegas or just fire the head coach?


K-Dubs, the Soldier:  I love a team that has stunk for what seems an eternity.  They always find new ways to break my heart.  I have wasted a lot of time, money, and emotion on the Browns.  And yet, I have no idea how anyone can be a Cincinnati fan.  The Bengals are the Crocs of the NFL.  I know they exist, but I can’t fathom why anyone buys a pair.  I don’t think a new address will help the Bengals, but I would like to see it happen.  That way at least we wouldn’t have to get their games on local TV anymore.


Big$:  I’m too busy making championship parade plans to worry about what’s happening down I-71.

5) Who should Lebron start for today?

Big$:  I’ll start LBJ for Joe Haden. It’s pretty obvious ole Joe isn’t too motivated to get his highly paid keister on the field, so let’s get a true champ on the corner.