Pencilstorm Hall of Fame Nominee: Mean Mr. Mustard's AC/DC - Cult Night

By Pencilstorm contributor Wal Ozello

Mr. Mustard’s AC/DC – Cult Night was the most amazing OSU College Campus Experience and I dutifully submit it as a first ballot Pencilstorm Hall of Fame nominee.

For those of you who have been to Mean Mr. Mustard’s AC/DC – Cult Night, you are sure to agree with me. If you haven’t, here are the facts:

1)      It’s AC/DC – Cult Night, not AC/DC Cult night. Every other song they played that night was by AC/DC or The Cult. The other songs were filled in with metal or hard rock. Imagine an evening of Thunderstruck, For Those About to Rock, Fire Woman and She Sells Sanctuary, mixed with Master of Puppets, Dr. Feelgood, or Mr. Brownstone. If you remember the Campus Bars sound systems like I do, those speakers were LOUD.  Imagine metal played over them instead of club music. Piercing distorted guitars and double bass drums never sounded better. 

2)      Buckets of beer. Well… every OSU bar sold buckets of beer. But if you’ve never been to an OSU campus bar, understand they had 2.5 gallon buckets which were completely filled with beer from the tap... for $5. That’s about five and half pitchers. We'd put three people on a bucket and get sloshed.

3)      It was every Sunday night. The last ditch effort of the weekend to party your ass off. What better way to do it then with metal and buckets of beer. Sometime I looked at it as the end of a great weekend, other times I thought of it as the beginning of an awesome week. Either way, it rocked. Finished it off with a trip to BW3's wings or the Greek place to get a gyro.

4)      Mean Mr. Mustard’s was known as the alternative bar. It was usually filled with pre-goths types listening to sad stuff like Morrissey, Depeche Mode, and R.E.M.  – but on Sunday night the metal heads took over. Everyone there was for the rock music. Lots of hair, leather, tattoos and jeans.  

5)      It was truly balls to the wall music. You had metal heads, college kids, and locals all getting together to listen to music that really rocked. Imagine Headbanger’s Ball but live. Every song, one after the other, was an awesome surprise of “in your face” metal.

I have amazing memories from AC/DC – Cult Night and many more experiences that I don’t remember (note… buckets of beer). If I got my hands onto a time machine, this would be one of my first stops. 

AC/DC - Cult Night deserves an honored spot in Pencilstorm's Hall of Fame. It represents everything we stand for hear at Pencilstorm. 

Wal Ozello is a science fiction techno-thriller novelist and the author of Assignment 1989 ,  Revolution 1990, and Sacrifice 2086. He's a resident of Upper Arlington, Ohio and a frequent customer at Colin's Coffee.