Let's Go Crazy. The Best of Prince. Shows, Clips, Stories, Concerts, Everything. Enjoy.

There have been a ton of great postings about Prince since his untimely and tragic death two weeks ago. Ricki and myself chimed in with a couple thoughts ourselves, but here is a shortcut guide to some of the best of the rest. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did putting it together. R.I.P. Prince.

Now.... Let's Go Crazy - Colin G

Prince was so amazing, I proposed that he just be given the Super Bowl halftime show as a regular gig. In fact, I suggested the whole event be renamed "Prince's Annual TV Blowout with Special Guest Football Game." 

And then there is this too..


Bob Mould's eulogy for Prince

The Day Prince's Guitar Wept the Loudest - New York Times

Ok, the previous story was behind the scenes of Prince's famous solo during the George Harrison tribute at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Three things before we post the clip. 

1) Without the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this moment never happens. So pipe down rock hall haters.

2) Before Youtube, the ONLY place you could see this was at the actual Rock and Roll Museum. I know because they had this continuous loop of induction ceremony highlights playing and suddenly this clip popped up. I was flabbergasted by it's greatness. I gathered everybody up and said, "You HAVE to check out this clip of Prince playing While My Guitar Gently Weeps." We waited patiently the 30 minutes or so for the clip to come up again and it was better than the first time I saw it. We waited the loop one more time to see it again. 

3) Even before Prince passed away, if you googled "World's Best Guitar Solo," this is what would come up first.

4) Hell, let's make it an even four. The red hat looks bad ass with that Telecaster.

FULL SHOW from First Avenue 1983.


Prince covering "Creep" at Coachella.


We were recording at The Loft with Watershed in 2014 when Biggie said, "You guys have to take a break to check out Prince on SNL. I taped it." Needless to say, it was way beyond what normal people do. The point being, I remember exactly where I was when I watched this. Like 9/11, but groovier. I really liked the records he put out around this time.

This interview with Larry King is classic. "So when did you start referring to yourself as the artist formerly known as Prince?" "Uh, Larry, I don't refer to myself that way. Others do."

Eleven songs you didn't know were written by Prince.

FULL Concert Lovesexy Tour 88. Amazing. (Duh)

And last but not least, the artist kills it on the Muppet Show