Valentine's Day Playlist For The Broken Hearted

By Pencilstorm Contributor Wal Ozello

It's Valentine's Day. The day you snuggle up to the one you love, make romantic love, and create lasting blissful memories. You softly turn up the stereo and listen to Journey’s Faithfully, Zeppelin’s Thank You, Eagles' Peaceful Easy Feeling, or Firehouse’s Love of a Lifetime – all depending on your flavor of rock.

But if there’s one thing that rock teaches us is that love is complicated. It’s messy, at times disappointing, and even a lifetime full of love can be littered with a rocky journey. So with that said, I'd like propose an alternate Valentine's Day rock playlist - one for the brokenhearted and one that's more reflective of reality.

For those of you who are longing for more out of your relationship, may I suggest this song from Cheap Trick.

Looking for something a little more physical? Maybe a bit celebratory about last night’s adventure?  Look no further than this classic by AC/DC.


Maybe it's been a little long since your ex left you but you still can't get over her. You seem to be going out of your way to run into her. Others claim you're stalking her. She's put out a restraining order on you. This is probably your theme song.

Pining over your ex? Even though they've moved on? How about some Scorps.

Maybe you’ve finally come to terms that your relationship wasn’t supposed to be? You were living one big lie.

This rock classic captures the pains and heartbreaks of love in a way no other does.

Here’s the ultimate Valentine’s Day Rock Anthem. Whether you’re alone today or in a long lasting relationship, I’m sure you’ll at some point in your life you've agreed with this song.


Finally - how about a laugh this Valentine's Day? Here's special version of a hit from the 80's made famous by Bonnie Tyler. Trust me - watch it all the way through. 

Wal Ozello is a science fiction techno-thriller novelist and the author of Assignment 1989 ,  Revolution 1990, and Sacrifice 2086. He's a resident of Upper Arlington, Ohio and a frequent customer at Colin's Coffee.