# Save the Crew and Playoff Preview with Brian Phillips and Greg Bartram

- Where are we with #savethecrew situation? What is best case, worst case and most likely case?

Greg B. - First off, there was no way that the mayor and Columbus Partnership folks were going to come home from NYC with an agreement. THere are just too many moving parts to something like this, and it doesn't happen all at once.

I would have preferred a bit more positivity in the statements, but I'm not terribly surprised. I'm not sure this can be saved, as there surely does seem to have been a longterm plan in place by PSV, but the #SaveTheCrew movement is absolutely setting the right tone. Positivity, activity...I'm REALLY impressed with them. Morgan Hughes' catchphrase, "If there's gonna be a funeral, we'll be too exhausted to attend" is gold, and really does seem to be the mantra

I think there are two critical parts to this...if the other owners are pressured enough, I don't think they'll vote to approve in order to keep the black eye offa their own faces. Secondly, the lawsuit by San Antonio has some real intrigue to it, and that isn't to be discounted.

I'm not giving up until there are trucks being packed.

Brian P. -  I really struggle with this one. The efforts from the grassroots organization Save The Crew have truly been remarkable. They've essentially served as the club's marketing arm the past month. My heart  wonders how the league could do this after the display of love for Crew SC here, and the amazing support from fans all over not only MLS, but clubs in lower levels, teams over seas etc. 
Meanwhile I can see and I can read. The league seems to be backing ownership on this one, and seem determined to walk away from this city forever. This is bizarre to me. 
Not ready to give up yet... The Columbus Foundation floated a proposal for a new facility between 5th and 6th near Mount Vernon Avenue. It's far from a done deal, but it's a proposal and that's something ownership contends has been lacking.
There's a very real posibility MLS Cup returns to Columbus. If the Crew get through we get the game here. Can you imagine! It's the movie Major League.

Meanwhile the actual Crew are back in the final four. What should we expect from this series? Who needs to step up?

Greg B. - This is gonna be a tough series. Lets not forget that Toronto ate our lunch in a 5-0 match earlier this season, and did so without Altidore or Giovinco. Having said that, Crew SC have been a totally different team the second half of the season. Hottest team in the league going into the playoffs, and I don't put a lot of stock in the 2-0 loss to a desperate NYCFC team. Keys? The back four have to be the wall that they have been at the top of the team's form this season. We have to contain and control Ricketts, who is all kinds of dangerous. Crew SC has to take advantage of their opportunities when presented with them, and make opportunities when not presented.

This team can definitely advance, but none of the soccer illuminati in the US expect it. They also didn't expect the team to advance past Atlanta. Or NYCFC. Crew SC in a close one. I sincerely believe we can host MLS Cup again, and the players deeply want to give that to the fans. This one's gonna be a monster atmosphere.

Brian P. - Such a great opportunity in game one. Toronto are missing Sebastian Giovinco (yellow card accumulation) and Jozy Altadore (sent off against Red Bulls, must sit out game as result). That's a ton of goal scoring power watching from the press box.
Columbus needs to play their game. Come out attack minded and keep the foot on the gas. They'll be getting a ton of energy from what will be a raucous crowd. One thing I will be watching is the center defense. Josh Williams and Jonthan Mensah need to do a much better job taking care of the ball. Way too many unforced turnovers of late. If we do that goalie Zack Steffen is more than capable of making the saves necessary. 
Bottom line... Columbus will look to go into leg two in Canada with a big lead.

Brian Phillips hosts the CD1025 Morning Show and you have seen Greg Bartram's photos everywhere. They are both fans of the Columbus Crew.