A Recap of TV Party Tonight! Season One: January - March 2017, Episodes 1-10

Congratulations! If you are looking to kill about 300 hours of time watching music videos, you have come to the right place. Each TV Party Tonight! episode is designed to be a launching point for your own never-ending rabbit hole. We set 'em up and you knock 'em down. Below is a summary of Season One, which is sure to keep you up past your bedtime and leave you bleary-eyed the next day.  They also make for fine conversation starters with people you disagree with on Facebook. Enjoy!!! - Colin G. 

TV Party Tonight Part One: A George Martin Rehearsal with Queen  by Colin Gawel

Part Two : Friday's by Scott Carr. (featuring The Clash, Devo, Stray Cats, KISS and more)

Part Three: My Inauguration Rabbit Hole. Colin goes on a post-election bender and takes you along for the ride. (Featuring RATM, Dylan, Prince, 3 Doors Down, Buddy Miller, The Hives and many more. Seriously, he was on a bender. 

Part Four: The Dictators and The Neighborhoods by Ricki C. 

Part Five : Mark Linkous of The Dancing Hoods and Sparkle Horse by JCE

Part Six: Random Stuff from Great Rock Docs by Colin Gawel

Part Seven: Powerful Political Music for President's Day  (featuring Staple Singers, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and more) by Anne Marie

Part Eight: Generation Axe (featuring Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and more) by Wal Ozello

Part Nine: Gulity Pleasures (featuring Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Aerosmith, Van Halen, The Bangles and more) by Jeremy Porter

Part Ten: Bands I've gotten mail from. (featuring The Dictators, The Pop, The Atlantics and more) by Ricki C.