Attention World: Colin on Andymanathon Saturday Morning. Stream It!

Watershed and myself have a lonnnnnng history with the annual CD1025 Andymanathon charity for the kids. The late WWCD program director Andy Davis started the tradition 25 years ago when he would stay on air for 48 straight hours and play requests in exchange for donations for children's charities. Though sadly he has left us, his tradition remains alive though the current staff widely divide up the two day event among themselves.

With that is mind, I will be on air with Brian Phillips Saturday December 16th from 8-10am. (Or from after I drop off Owen at basketball practice until 10am.) The good thing about that time slot is that if you call in, and make a request-donation it usually goes on air very quickly. So, please tune in or even better, stream the show at and request your favorite Watershed-League Bowlers-Lonely Bones song. You will be glad you did.  

Call 614 221 1025 and tell Brian and myself "hello" and play a song for the kids.