Lonely Bones Final Show @ FMMF - by Colin Gawel

Standing behind the counter at Colin's Coffee at 10:50 am on Friday August 18th, it just struck me that the Lonely Bones show tomorrow at Fashion Meets Music Festival is probably going to be our last. I guess we could do something else but I can't imagine why. There is no drama behind the decision. The Bones were created when Watershed went on indefinite hiatus so Joe Oestreich could begin his successful writing career. It's been a good run.

Having played within the Watershed structure since before puberty, I needed to challenge myself and see if I could sink or swim as a solo act. I feel like the Lonely Bones accomplished more than I ever could have hoped for. With the release of Superior - The Best of Colin Gawel in 2016, a compilation of all notable music from this Lonely Bones era, it feels like that chapter is closed and it's time to turn the page.

Thanks to Rick, Dan and Herb for joining me on this journey. And following along into Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? And Ricki C. of course. 

Besides the recorded work we left behind (HUGE thanks to talented Mike Landolt) the band was fortunate enough to play many cool gigs. Some memories off the top of my head, in between serving customers coffee...... 

- Our first gig as The Lonely Bones was playing the Bruce Springsteen weekend at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in June, 2009. They were looking for a semi-credible band to perform and not some cheesy "Bruce in the USA" cover/tribute act. Watershed's name came up and when I got the call I thought is was a prank. Eventually we settled on the Lonely Bones playing instead of Watershed. There is a bootleg of this show kicking around. Ask Ricki C. where to find one if you are interested. Dave Masica was still drumming in the Bones at this point. 

- Early on I vowed to never play a late rock and roll show again. And we didn't. The Lonely Bones NEVER played a local show that started later than 9pm and usually much earlier. Big thanks to Todd at the Rumba Cafe and Paul at Woodland's for buying into this vision for the band. We had many great shows at both clubs.

- We got to perform numerous times at Comfest and the Independent's Day festival, both of which we were honored to a part of. And the first Goodale Park music series now that I think of it.

-Though we didn't travel much, David Bash invited the band to perform at his International Pop Overthrow Festival twice in Chicago and once in Cleveland. Once again, we were flattered to be a part of such a cool event. 

- When the song "Superior" was in heavy rotation on CD1025, then PD Andyman Davis invited us to play a sold out CD101 Day show at the LC in Columbus. It was a thrill to be on that big stage with the new band. Sadly, Andy passed  away soon after, but I'll always cherish the time we spent together that night. 

- Brian Phillips and Wal Ozello deserve major kudos for being the brains behind the videos "Superior" and "Dad Can't Help You Now" (in that order).  Those videos will survive long after we are all gone.

Also big thanks to Will Kenworthy who served as manager, webmaster and social media director for the Lonely Bones.  Without his help I'd still probably be on Myspace. He also co-founded along with myself. 

I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so many talented people. 

Also of note was having a front row seat watching Bones bassist Dan Cochran conceive and create the Four String Brewing Company right in front of my eyes. Rick Kinsinger actually helped him design and build his first brewer thingy or whatever those things are called. To walk into a store and see a six-pack of Hilltop Lager staring me in the face makes glad all over. 

What's next? We have been working hard to get the League Bowlers Some Balls Deluxe released this September and Watershed should have something new out in 2018. In the meantime I suspect at my advancing age it's time to downsize. Being in five bands is about three too many. Not sure exactly where this is headed but rough thoughts include:

- Rick K. is done dragging keyboards out to shows

- It will involve Bowling shirts

- We will still keep playing Superior

In closing, there is a bunch of footage floating around youtube but the clip below is my favorite. It's just The Lonely Bones playing on the radio, but boy, we really nailed it. This is how I will remember this band. Nothing fancy, just friends playing some rock n roll. Thanks to all who came out to the gigs and dug the music. - Colin Gawel