Show Preview: The Stick Arounds at The Tree Bar in Columbus, August 4th - by Jeremy Porter

This Saturday, August 4th, Columbus is blessed with the presence of one of the better bands to come out of the Great Lakes State in some time – The Stick Arounds! These dudes are from Lansing – the state capital, home of their label and mine, GTG Records, and Elderly Instruments, one of the best guitar shops in the country. They've got that heart-on-your-sleeve, probably-should-have-quit-before-that-last-whiskey, keep-it-loose-&-loud sound that is best delivered in a flannel shirt and an upper-Midwestern accent.


The Sticks have been at it together since 2013, and individually for a good while before that.  Their debut LP "Mystery Garage" was recorded live over two nights at the, um… venue with the same name – a greasy but absolutely charming converted service station beneath an underpass on a dark Lansing street that has since closed, but was the home to many great shows during its existence. They've been tearing it up around Michigan and surrounding states since, honing their three-guitar, bass & drums set on whatever stage they can find.


They’ve got a new record in the can, "Ways to Hang On," scheduled for release on October 26th.  What "Mystery Garage" had in raw, live power jams, "Ways to Hang On" also has, but with the additional crème brulee of a solid studio album with great guitars, harmonies, songs, and a mix that wraps it all up in a nice sonic package. It's a great step forward for these guys, and I can't wait to hear these songs rip live.  Check out the first single and video for Get U Back:  


The Stick Arounds are heading out for a three-nighter this weekend and I suggest you get your behind out to The Tree Bar on Saturday night to see them for yourself. Pick up a copy of "Mystery Garage," buy Pops (singer/guitar) a shot, and discover your new favorite band.  

Saturday August 4th 8PM FREE!
The Tree Bar – 887 Chambers Rd – Columbus OH
Harvest Kings/The Stick Arounds/Push Me Pull You/Apple and The Moon  

(Also at The Melody Inn in Indianapolis on Thursday and Blind Bob's in Dayton on Friday!)


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