Pencilstorm's Mother's Day Playlist - by Wal Ozello

It’s Mother’s Day and I can’t help but celebrate my mother. She was the one that bought me my first microphone, came to my concerts and was my biggest fan. Also, back in the day, we were at brunch together after a concert and I was telling her about all the groupies that were chasing me. She responded with, “I don’t see a ring on your finger - you can do whatever you want.” My mom rocked.

So in honor of all the rock n roll mothers out there, here’s a playlist about mom. They may not be the best way to honor her - but they certainly have a mother-like theme. Enjoy.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Let It Be - The Beatles

Mama Kin - Aerosmith

Squeeze Box - The Who

Mother - Pink Floyd

Mama I’m Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne

Tie Your Mother Down - Queen

Always On The Run - Lenny Kravitz

Got another one that we missed? Add it in the comments below.