A Review of The Hives show, in Chinese. Suck it, Grantland.

Pencilstorm could be as popular as Grantland if we wanted to. Easy. Truth be told, our writers choose NOT to write for Grantland because they weren't interested in winning some high-stakes, corporate popularity contest. No, sir, here at Pencilstorm we refuse to sell out to the man. That is why we all maintain side jobs and refuse advertising dollars of any kind (at this point). Simply put, we will not compromise our art just to make some easy money. 

Knowing this, you would think the suits at Grantland would be happy with their success and just leave us alone? Instead, they flaunt their popularity by updating their site constantly. OK, guys, we get it, you are "professional writers". Are you so insecure that you take pleasure in running up the score and rubbing it in our face? Classless, but what else would you expect from a company owned by Disney?

To this point we at Pencilstorm have managed to stay professional and not get dragged down into the mudpit for a nasty public feud. Still, there comes a time when one must defend oneself. Consider this a shot across the bow, Grantland. Better back off or there is plenty more where this came from (talking to you, Klosterman). Who is so smart now?

A Review of The Hives, Cleveland, OH Sunday March 10th.......In Chinese.


你真的等待着用中文写的Hives评语吗? 哦,多么的自豪,你必须与你的最畅销的书籍和 the high company你保持 in Grantland。Malcom,你可以看到,


Malcom, 我现在有您的关注吗?你现在 “Blinking”?是的,我的老朋友,


引爆点”,这一次,我终于找到满意的成果。The Hives......他们他妈的粉碎。他们毕竟是

The Hives review by Pencil Storm contributor Chris Stellato, President of Columbus School of Chinese. Look for him in the scene from Cleveland below. He is wearing the green shirt.