Queen at Live Aid Changed the World More Than Hitler or the Internet

Welcome to another Colin personal power hour. It's Saturday, it's late, and I have found my go-to clip for the week. Earlier tonight, Owen and I were fishing around YouTube when we found some recent clips of Queen playing with Adam Lambert and I thought: "That has to be better than Queen with Paul Rodgers singing, doesn't it?"

Well, it just flat-out sucked. Nobody can replace Freddie Mercury. For proof, behold the clips below and prepare to stop your jaw from dropping. The first is a BBC story about the show and gives us our headline for this article. The second is the entire 22-minute set from Queen at Live Aid. It is often referred to as the greatest live rock performance ever. I'm not quite ready to go there, but it is pretty damn awesome. Certainly, one could make the case that Freddie Mercury posted highest WAR (wins above replacement) of outside of Elvis Presley. Note the big plastic cups of beer sitting on Freddie's piano. And now, her majesty....Queen. Enjoy.