Your Life Is Closer To Over: The Week That Was by Brian Phillips

The best from my random facebook musings in the past week.   


This week I said nothing about Benghazi. What's the point. You either believe the president all but hired Al Qaida to attack the embassy (and if I cared to look I could find people who believe he did) or there's nothing worth discussing. I fall somewhere in between which is hardly fashionable. I'm pretty sure someone screwed up, but I don't believe anyone would do so on purpose. Bottom line for me? The people pushing this the hardest lack credibility and more to the point irritate the shit out of me. 

Instead of Benghazi I bring you Fugazi, protesting the First Gulf War, which is where we really went off the rails in that region anyway.

And besides Benghazi is a useful distraction while Congress sold you out a bit more this week.

Along with Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi, Greg Palast is a favorite muckraker of mine. The Boston bombings sent him running to his filing cabinet and then to a plane for Kazakhstan. Was Boston random and isolated or more blow back? I'll leave it to you.

In related news, the CIA once tried to implant a microphone in a cat.

We were all thankful the Cleveland kidnapping victims were rescued. The conditions they left behind were as horrific as you can imagine.

From the No Shit Desk: Study indicates racists are stupid.  

A British study meanwhile says men carrying guitars are 31% more likely to get a phone number. Ladies at least make him whip out the damned thing and play it.

A small town in New York has been terrorized by a sort of Ice Cream man mafia.


Sad to report Duncan Oughton is leaving the Crew coaching staff and TV booth to join the staff at Toronto FC. The one time Crew midfielder and New Zealand international is a hell of a guy and we will miss him. Of course the Crew will see him in a few days as they travel north for a Saturday match there. Cheers Duncan!

If you're a fellow baseball nerd check out Alex Cobb's performance against San Diego Friday. Cobb became the only pitcher in big league history to strike out 13 batters in less than five innings of work. His night included the rare four strike out inning, and in that frame he allowed a run without a hit. The whole thing was one big oddity. 

And if you still harbor your inner 13 year old boy you'll find this slideshow of the most unfortunate names in sports history as amusing as I did.


It was once a fad to make everything radioactive.

And Finally Tonight

A man who shot and wounded his nine year old cousin dressed as a skunk for Halloween gets probation. Why? He thought she was a real skunk. Shockingly drugs and alcohol were not involved.