The One-Game Wildcard is Plenty Fair And Some Other Random Sports Takes by Colin G.

A 162 Game Schedule Seems Plenty Fair

I love the new MLB post season format as it both rewards the team with the best overall record and scares the shit out of teams that are forced into a one and done situation. As for the occasional, "but having your whole season just come down to one game isn't fair" argument, please spare me. 

See, your whole season isn't coming down to just one game, It's coming down to game #163 which you must win to advance to the next round of playoffs. When ESPN talking heads suggest the new system isn't fair, are they implying that a schedule that has one hundred and sixty two freakin' games doesn't give every team more than a fair shot to prove their worth? I would argue 162 games is more than fair to all MLB teams. Want to avoid a do or die situation? Easy, win more games and your team can sit home and watch on TV like the rest of us.

However, it may be time to ditch the division format and get back to a straight NL/AL League with the top three teams on each side avoiding the one game playoff. This would allow a much more balanced schedule so no team gets to feast on a cellar dweller more than the next.  Oh how the Yankees or Orioles would have loved to play the Astros 19 times this season instead of the Blue Jays.

Speaking of fair, the Reds 90 wins seems just about right. They are a excellent defensive team with good pitching but the offense still lacks the consistency to hang with the big dogs. When Dice K can shut you out, it doesn't bode well for a playoffs loaded with Kershaw and Wainwright and the like. Dusty has these guys playing like professionals and I have no doubt they will give their best effort, but that probably won't be enough. Not in the stacked NL this year anyway. 

Vegas agrees. Odds to win NL pennant. Dodgers 11/10, Cards 2/1 , Braves 18/5 , Reds and Pirates both 9/1.  AL has BoSox 27/20, Tigers 2/1, Tribe checking in at 9-1.

Who is this year's King of the Nerds You Ask? That's right, it's me. (bitches)

Yup, I won my fantasy baseball league for the second time in three years. Not exactly a dynasty, but an accomplishment all the same. I have been playing fantasy baseball for so long that you used to get written updates mailed to you every week by the league commish. That's right kids, before the internet.  

And over those last 20 years, I have finished in the 2nd division more often than not so this winning thing is still a geeky thrill for me. It's not a big money league or anything, it's just for fun. Though I suppose it is debatable how much "fun" it is to be checking your cell phone every 60 seconds monitoring a start by the A's Sonny Gray on the final day of the season. Nothing like getting all worked up over something you have zero control of. Like I said, NERDS.

And in closing....

Good thing Monty Kiffin was a successful defensive co-ordinator instead of a politician or we might be suffering through a Lane Kiffin presidency instead of watching him mangle football programs. Nepotism thy name is Lane. I hear Texas might be looking for a new head coach?

Colin Gawel wrote this on an especially slow morning at his coffee shop, the aptly named, Colin's Coffee. you can learn more about him and our other Pencilstorm contributors by clicking here.