Baver's Picks and Colin's College Football Questions 11/21/14

1) Give us an update on your picks to date and what games and lines you find interesting this week?

24-15-1 against the spread, including 7-2-1 on the OSU games.  My three best plays for Wk 13: (1) the Bucks laying the 34 ½ against hapless Indiana.  I had the Buckeyes winning 49-10 in the Buckeye Bag, but now trying to figure how the Hoosier D holds OSU under 50 pts.    Adjusted score prediction: Ohio State 56 Indiana 13.  (2) I have had a good handle on Florida State as of late, both on them and against them.  I like Boston College getting the 17.  I think the Noles will again slip back into complacent mode.  (3) I usually warn against knee jerk reactions, but I like Minnesota getting 10 against Nebraska.  The Huskers are not as bad as they played last week, but 10 points is just too many points in this one.    

2) What’s with the Noah Spence?  Are there any legs to the reinstatement rumor?

Supposedly, Spence has an appeal hearing with the Big Ten on November 25th (next Tuesday).  At that point Spence will have (basically) served a 12-game suspension (the Orange Bowl plus the first 11 games this season).  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.  Not sure how much Spence could help right away….depends what kind of game shape he is in; he has not practiced with the team this fall.  But he could certainly help in the bowl game(s).  In fact, that would be a huge addition to this team.  

3) How embarrassed should Buckeye fans be by the nastiness displayed on twitter towards Jalin Marshall after his fumbles last week?

 You know what?  You wanna be an idiot in a bar with friends, and rip into individual players?  Fine… been there, done that.  But posting trash on Marshall’s twitter?  Here’s one: @JalinMarshall Everyone hates u just go away!!!  Here’s another one: @JalinMarshall pls pls pls kill urself.  The guys that posted this crap are disgraceful.

4) Our run defense is looking a little suspect.  In fact, if not for safety Vonn Bell making some key stops, the numbers could be much worse. How concerned should we be with Tevin Coleman this Saturday and Melvin Gordon possibly looming in the title game?

I am not that concerned about Coleman, as Indiana can’t beat Ohio State.  But I am very concerned about Gordon, as Wisconsin is certainly capable of beating Ohio State.  Let’s hope we see some progress with the rush D this week as they try to contain Coleman.  Holding Gordon in check is going to be a bitch, if the Badgers get to the B1G title game.

5) J.T. Barrett is re-writing the record book in his first season as a starter. How good is this guy?  Which stat of his do you find most impressive?

I am still somewhat in disbelief that Barrett is this good, this soon.  Running third in the Heisman race right now?  What if I told you that was going to be the case…and told you this the day after the Va Tech game?  Crazy.  As great as his stats are, I guess it’s his demeanor that has amazed me most.  Coming into 2014, I think you could make a decent case for any one of these QB’s being the best ever at Ohio State: Kern, Schlichter, Germaine, T. Smith, Pryor or Braxton.  If Barrett stays four years, and stays healthy, there will be little debate when his career at Ohio State is over – Barrett will be the best QB we’ve ever had here.

6) I know it's not Hate week yet, but I ask, have you ever seen the Dead Schembechlers before and what was that like?

Seen them three times – they bring it.  The 2006 show at the Newport prior to the (undefeated vs undefeated) OSU – Michigan game was incredible.  By all means, check them out on November 28th at Ace of Cups, north of campus.  Well worth your while.  Bo Biafra is a natural comedian and the Dead Schembechler’s will get your juices flowing.