Dead Schembechlers Tickets Going Fast, Click Here For Tickets Or Risk Being a Shutout of the Hate Michigan Rally (loser)

Jeff Hassler may not approve of their language but I can tell you that I have seen these guys live a number of times and there is no place on Earth better to be the night before the OSU v Michigan game. In fact, if you consider yourself a Buckeye Football fan and haven't seen the Dead Schembechlers play, then you really aren't a very big Buckeye football fan. 

Be warned, the show isn't for the faint of heart and unless you want your kid's ears ringing w F- Bombs and hair matted with Wolverine blood, this is a 21 and up show. Ace of Cups Friday November 28th. Doors 6pm, show at 8pm sharp.  Tickets WILL SELLOUT IN ADVANCE so I wouldn't waste time messing around. @baverbuckeyebag

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