OK, We'll Be the Bigger Website and Admit Grantland Did A Pretty Good Story on Aaron Craft

It's no secret around the blogosphere that there has been some bad blood between and Pencilstorm and Grantland. Just like all the big rivalries - Ali vs Frazier, Beatles vs Stones, that one hunky English F1 driver versus that other guy - Pencilstorm and Grantland have been locking horns for web dominance for years with each side claiming glorious victories and suffering humiliating crotch-kicking losses. 

Some say that Grantland is just a collection of pretentious, over paid, ESPN sellouts taking orders from their evil overlord, Malcom Gladwell, that all they care about is generating revenue at all costs at the expense of quality content for you, the loyal blog-reading sports enthusiast.

Of course, Pencilstorm would never suggest such ideas because we have one thing Grantland has never had, CLASS. Well, that and day jobs anyway. And no advertising. Because we refuse to sell out. Never have, never will.

However, unlike our worthy adversary, once again we are willing to be the bigger website and give kudos to a job adequately done when it is deserved. Today is Aaron Craft's last home game as a member of the Ohio State Buckeyes and Matt Borcas of Grantland wrote a really good article summing up his extraordinary career. If you are a fan of Aaron Craft, this is a must read. Of, course we would have written an even better story ourselves, but nobody here at Pencilstorm could get off work that day. Well, except  Ricki C. but he was busy working on a 63,000-word Mott the Hoople essay. Enjoy. 

Click here to read Grantland's pretty decent Aaron Craft Story