Five Must Read Bruce Springsteen Stories. Take That, Grantland

Last week I took my ten year old son Owen to his first Bruce Springsteen show in Columbus, Ohio. Tonight, ignoring all logical reasoning I'm driving to catch the Boss in Pittsburgh because you know, he is the boss. At some point Springsteen's magic powers have to fade and I want to see him at least one more time while he is still in top form. In honor of this, I thought I would tidy up our excellent Bruce coverage here at Pencilstorm with a quick recap of past stories. They are all excellent and worth your time. You find anything comparable on our rival website, Grantland. Please share them with other like minded music fans. Thanks- Colin

Click here to read "The Perfect Age For Rock n Roll Pt 2"  - Ricki C. describes seeing Bruce for the first time in 1976. This whole series is a must, must read. 

Click here to read "My Chance Meeting With Bruce or His chance Meeting With Me" - Colin G. once hung out with Bruce, one on one, for about 45 minutes. Go figure.

Click here to read " A Review of Bruce Springsteen Cincinnati 2014" - Ricki C reviews Bruce 38 years after seeing his first show.

Click here to watch Bruce cover Highway to Hell by AC/DC  - Not really a story but worth a revisit nonetheless. So fun.

Click here to read "In His Passing, Clarence Has Given Bruce the Gift of Music Everlasting" - Before there was Pencilstorm. Colin wrote this review of the dazzling new E Street line up on the Wrecking Ball tour for